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Cividi's data driven solutions enable authorities, planners and developers to better understand complex spatial challenges to ensure the development of future-proof urban spaces. 


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Added Value

Understanding space use 

Understanding the use of our living spaces requires a dynamic view. Cividi offers insights into space use and makes residents' concerns visible. 

Saving costs 

Spatial development is expensive. Decision-making often lacks a sufficient basis and citizen involvement, which results in planning processes being repeated and projects being aborted. Cividi enables a holistic and objective initial assessment in order to define the necessary priorities at an early stage or to verify existing planning projects. 

Measuring efficacy 

Planning is often based on assumptions, whereas implemented projects are rarely analyzed or reported on. Cividi makes planning success measurable. 

Communicating effectively 

Inward development requires mediation between a wide variety of interests and stakeholders. A common understanding of the use of urban space enables a fact-based cooperation. Cividi offers a multidimensional, dynamic and functional view to better understand contexts and communicate them in an understandable way. 


Spatial analysis

In the era of Smart Cities and ubiquitous data collection, dynamic tools are required to understand complex spatial systems.

We guide you through the interdisciplinary challenges in urban development, infrastructure planning, mobility planning and in the development of location strategies. 

Data science & engineering

Our data team understands how to distil comprehensible and problem-relevant information from complex data sets.

We support you from problem definition and data preparation, through data analysis to data visualisation. 

Data layers

In our analyses we link open (government) data and administrative registry data with external sources such as mobile phone data, sensor data and user-generated data.

We combine spatial GIS analyses with statistical analyses in order to extract a comprehensible and usable base for decision-making from the available data pool. 

Our Clients

«As a mayor, it is important to me to communicate the complexity of the local planning process and site development to the population and the communal council in an understandable and simple way. Cividi's data and visualizations enable me to take important decisions and develop new solutions easier.»

Oliver Gröble

Mayor of Wittenbach

Cividi Platform

The collaborative GIS platform that helps you bring together planning status, data-driven analyses and participation results in one place, independently of administrative borders and without IT installation.

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