Industrious City

Industrious City

Maps prepared by cividi, in parts showcased in the book The Industrious City by Markus Schaefer and Hiromi Hosoya, published in 2021 by Lars Müllers Publishers.

Different looks on socio-economic factors and diversity indicators. The top maps reveal the mix, spread and size that different industries account for in and around the city of Zurich.

Economic Diversity and Types of Jobs
Diversity & Clusters
Land Use
Parks and Squares

Economic equity indicators explain socio-economic diversity by studying factors directly linked to individuals. The below map compiles the yearly median income of married households in 2015, groups them into three overarching categories and highlights subsidized residential development projects.

Economic Equity

The catchment area analysis portrays reachability from a certain location by different modes of transport within a specific timeframe.

Catchment Area